The need to know is everywhere:
Expert knowledge management is rare
Universal knowledge management is now here.

The Comprehension Engine: A seamless unified process to get you from start to finish

We are building the technologies that will change the way we all find sources, analyze the sources, and then create new knowledge.

We are aiming to redefine the knowledge journey from start to finish.

This new process enables new meaning, new knowledge, new understanding and new awareness to emerge.
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The Cage Platform

The CAGE Platform provides a new process which captures the entire knowledge journey from the initial question of the user to the creation of new knowledge ready for review.

We are developing a new medium for advertising:

That provides multiple number of potential pay points for us and our potential partners

The CE enables a new kind of online advertising that relies on the knowledge under development and a tiny non invasive profile of any user.

Working with some of the leading open source software providers

There are 6 embedded tools in the Comprehension Engine and each is a place for strategic cooperation, creating a better marketplace for us and our partners.

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About Us

Why We Are Here

Years in the making. CAGE Technologies decided that it was time to investigate and pursue the path of enhancing human practices in knowledge development. With new knowledge tools, comes new awareness. With new awareness comes new questions. With new questions comes new horizons in knowledge exploration and discovery.

We are establishing the new standard for how users address knowledge discovery and knowledge creation.

What We Do

We have a five stage innovation stack embedded or to be embedded in the Comprehension Engine by our development team.

We have a marketing strategy of working with strategic partners to increase market penetration for all parties.

Besides increasing market size, our corporate policy is to collaborate and advance along with strategic partners on existing innovations and future innovations.



Carl Wimmer


Carl is a seasoned serial entrepreneur and experienced start-up founder. Currently CEO of the Correlation Technology Platform, Big Huge Brain and lead investor with a number of stealth technology start-ups. Carl is well versed in the business development life cycle and as an unorthodox business enabler he has a track record of taking ideas from concept through to POC, IP establishment and onto successful commercial ventures. Carl travels between Vancouver, Switzerland, and Mexico while living a life dedicated to the bleeding edge of game-changing technology.



Anthony Mannella


Anthony Mannella is a Canadian business man who provides Management Consulting services, Strategic direction and Marketing expertise to Cage Technologies Inc. His skill sets are diverse and have been widely accepted and utilized by a wide array of business verticals both past and present. Mr. Mannella is known for his unique perspectives and approaches and his simple way of getting the job done. He has the needed expertise to bridge the gaps within the Cage organization by ensuring a seamless workflow by all its members.



Graham Clark


An innovative, generalist executive leader with more than 25 years’ experience working in Financial Services, Capital Markets and FinTech. Early in his career Graham had tenures at AP Dow Jones, Citibank and NASDAQ listed PC Quote Inc. An experienced 5x start-up founder and owner/manager currently he is a NED at a successful, ground-breaking social enterprise and a business strategy and development advisor helping to secure investment funding for large social impact and humanitarian infrastructure projects.
Graham Clark left the project in June 2022.



Eric Hey


Eric Hey is a software engineer specializing in startups in the FinTech and AI spaces. Eric has a wide range of devleopment skills in C++, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP and many more for web, Android, iOS, server, and desktop applications. He has previously worked in locations across the US and Canada, including New York, Toronto, Chicago, Houston, Calgary, Seattle and Silicon Valley. He particularly enjoys working with resources from around the world. Eric Hey is known for his entrepreneurial attitude and wide-ranging skillset to be able to lead or take charge to complete any part of a project.

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Anthony Mannella